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Restaurant Christopher Countenceau, à La Rochelle, 3 étoiles Michelin

La Marine, à Noirmoutier,

restaurant 2 étoiles Michelin


La Grenouillere, Alexandre Gauthier à la tête de cet établissement 2 étoiles Michelin situé à Montreuil

Domaine Saint Nicolas works toward protecting this unique area where an exceptional microclimate exists for wine production. In 2011 with the creation of the AOC, the domain situate in the “Fiefs Vendéens Brem” appellation. Our 40 hectares of land surrounded by the ocean, forests and salt marshes are made of Clay, Schist & Quartz. This is further enhanced by biodynamic methods and polyculture. The vineyard creates high quality wines that are chosen by the greatest restaurants in both France and abroad.

We provide highly quality wines which are the pure incarnation of a unique land and benefit from an exceptional microclimate. We conduct our whole vineyard according to the principles of Biodynamics, thus respecting our balanced and privileged environment.

balanced and privileged environment



The pugnacity pay! Today Domaine Saint Nicolas is recognized by its fathers and selected by the greatest gastronomic restaurants in France and abroad, the wines of Domaine Saint Nicolas are prestigious nectars, reflections of a unique natural terroir and an exceptional microclimate; the entire estate has been cultivated using organic and biodynamic agriculture that respects balance since 1995.


The estate offers white, rosé and red wines from the Pinot Noir, Négrette, Chenin and Chardonnay grape varieties.

The first vintages are distinguished by their fruity and refreshing characters which can be consumed young.

Particularly renowned are the vintages for aging with greater complexity and elegance. 

We also offer sparkling wines made using the traditional method as well as nectars which are also aged in unusual amphoras!


When Thierry joins his father, he will then set up a practice that has been little used until now since it is Biodynamics. 

The principle

Biodynamics is a global approach to viticulture placing the soil, biodiversity and people at the center of reflection.
It is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the laws of life and nature. The role of biodynamics is to maintain the balance between all these elements.
The biodynamic method is mainly based on three points:

How to find biodynamic wines?

The mention “biodynamics” compared to the mention “culture biological" is not protected, it is say that he is possible to see it written on bottles without them being practiced. To help you find your way, there are labels with specifications;strict on biodynamics. You will be able to find:


The “Demeter” Label

brings together all of French agriculture


Biodyvin is a more specific label with specifications for vine cultivation and winemaking.

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