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Domaine Saint Nicolas 

Le Domaine

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Domaine Saint Nicolas works toward protecting this unique area where an exceptional microclimate exists for wine production. In 2011 with the creation of the AOC, the domain situate in the “Fiefs Vendéens Brem” appellation. Our 40 hectares of land surrounded by the ocean, forests and salt marshes are made of Clay, Schist & Quartz. This is further enhanced by biodynamic methods and polyculture. The vineyard creates high quality wines that are chosen by the greatest restaurants in both France and abroad.

We provide highly quality wines which are the pure incarnation of a unique land and benefit from an exceptional microclimate. We conduct our whole vineyard according to the principles of Biodynamics, thus respecting our balanced and privileged environment.

balanced and privileged environment


Domaine Saint Nicolas 


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Since 1960, starting with Patrice Michon, 3 generations have been reviving the wines of Brem and making them famous. In 1995, Thierry Michon introduced biodynamic methods to the whole vineyard. He’s now working with his two sons, Antoine and Mickael.


1960 : Patrice Michon create the winery in


1984 : Patrice Michon is joined by his two sons Eric and Thierry.


1985 : construction of a modern winery at l’Ile d'Olonne.

Vignoble Michon becomes Domaine Saint Nicolas.

1995 : Bio and biodynamic certification on the whole vineyard.

2011 : the "Fiefs Vendéens Brem" becomes Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. 

2014 : Thierry Michon is joined by his sons Antoine and Mickaël.

2015 : Construction of the winery "Les Clous" in the heart of the vineyards. 

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Domaine Saint Nicolas 


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Proposed in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner to answer to the farmers’ preoccupations who had already seen their lands endangered, biodynamics is a cultivation method that involves more than simply prohibiting the use of chemicals.


From young vines to the oldest ones, the working process in the fields is purely natural. Only one organic addition is made: manure compost.


Furthermore, in compliance with biodynamic principles, preparations, infusions (nettles, horsetail, among others) are used to nurture the soil and support the vines as they grow.


This natural addition of compost is made only on the surface to prevent any damage in the other layers of soil. This of course means that the harvesting of the vines is done painstakingly by hand, insuring the quality of the wine is kept intact.


Into the cellar, a place where the wine is given a natural expression. There is no addition of industrial yeast nor sugar. The wine evolves and reveals unique characters naturally, which is attributed by the properly nurtured soil. A lot of care is given to the fermentation and breading processes.

Thierry Michon's wines are an expression of earth, meaning the wine is one of complexity, minerality, and elegance.


Domaine Saint Nicolas 


With Clay, Schist and Quartz soils, the vineyard offers high quality wines such as whites, rosé and reds. The different grape varieties are Pinot Noir, Négrette, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Chenin, Chardonnay and Groslot Gris.


The entry-level wines distinguish themselves with fruity notes and freshness. Made to be drunk young. The long guard cuvees are highly valued with much more complexity and refinement. Some traditional methods wines and atypical amphorae are matured recently.

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