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 The domain
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Between the 5th and 6th centuries, monks planted vines in the vastness of the natural salt marshes. Saint-Nicolas (Brem-sur-Mer) was a trading port, known especially to the Dutch, who came to buy Brem wine and ship it back to Holland.


A few centuries later, Cardinal Richelieu donated the vines he had acquired to the church of Luçon, and returned them to the peasants. Even if his gift made it possible to cultivate local wines, they unfortunately still suffered from the isolation of the Vendée. After the Second World War, led by a few enterprising winegrowers, the wines of Brem-sur-Mer gradually regained their legendary status.

In 1960, Patrice Michon settled in Brem-sur-mer on a few hectares of vines belonging to his father. In the 80s, Patrice was joined by his two sons, Eric and Thierry. They will then relocate their winery to L'Ile d'Olonne and buy land to plant their vines, seeing the potential of the Olonnes terroir. They started with a few hectares and over the years acquired other plots.

In 2013, Antoine decided to join the family estate and joined forces with his father. He is participating in the project of a new, more functional cellar. 

The domain in a few dates:

1960: Installation of Patrice Michon on a few acres of vines in Brem sur Mer. 

1984: Patrice Michon is joined by his two sons Eric and Thierry.


1985: Construction of a modern wine cellar on Ile d’Olonne.

Vignoble Michon becomes Domaine Saint Nicolas.

1995: Certification in organic and Biodynamic viticulture across the entire estate by the A.B., Demeter, Biodyvin and Ecocert labels.

2011: The Vendée strongholds of Brem become Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.

2015 : Construction of the “Les Clous” winery in the heart of the vines for the vinification of white and rosé wines. 

2020: New boutique inaugurated in the heart of Brem-sur-Mer facing the Parc des Genêts with a new atmosphere in a peaceful and friendly spirit.

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