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 The Estate 
 From the vineyard to the cellar



Let the wine happen, listen to it and be patient. This is the rule that we set for ourselvesheart from our vineyard. The goal is to reflect each vintage.

Biodynamics as a guideline, this is our driving force.

Wood, the preferred material

Cave des Blancs -3.jpg

Foudres, barrels, steel tanks, amphoras.. Withins two cellars, there are different containers of different sizes and shapes. Theircommon point ? IThey are all made of wood.  

For us, wood symbolizes the living because it is a material that breathes.


At Domaine Saint Nicolas, we are motivated to elaborate wines with body and substance on the palate.

The process is as follows:

Thierry Michon qui analyse ses vins blancs.jpg


Thierry Michon is in charge, because since 2019, he has decided to let his children take over in the red cellar.


Upon receipt of the harvest, Thierry and his team take the bunches of grapes to the sorting table. TheseThe latter will then join the pneumatic presses. They will be pressed as delicately as possible then their juice will reach its container (Stockinger lightning, amphora, vat) by gravity.stainless steel)



Since the creation of the Cave des Rouges in the 1980s, thehe winemaking method has evolved. 

The technique remains the same, however the materialcellar has been modernized.

For example, the sorting table has become vibrant. Sheallowst a regular distribution of the harvest and thus improve sorting.

All the clusters will be destemmed;then macerated in open conical vats. How long ? The sensitivity of Antoine and Mickael will tell you that. Depending on the vintages, it can last from one week to three weeks.

Naturally, the pigeage is carried out twice a day on the feet: At the estate, traditions resist.


Cépage Chenin dans Amphore de macération.jpg

Another facet of the winegrower's job is renewal. Listening to the market, our colleagues and our own observations, we let's test some new methods for improveour practices.

In 2014, we are starting our first winemaking in amphorae. Tedious beginnings but creating such originality that we will renew experience.

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